Since the early 1990's Globe has been at the forefront of skate shoe research and development. Each collection is designed with quality in mind and aims to guarantee comfort, technique and style. Tested and approved by its team of riders, the Globe shoes adapt to all environments. Indeed, they can be worn in the city as well as on the ocean or in the mountains. In order to be as precise and technical as possible in the realization of its models, Globe regularly calls upon the skate and surf professionals of its team such as Mark Appleyard, Dion Agius and Sammy Montano. Globe is always eager to satisfy its customers and knows how to reinvent itself by updating its emblematic models such as the CT-IV, the Tilt Evo or the Option Evo by updating its technologies and using new materials. Whether you're looking for a pair of low top shoes, high top shoes, vegan shoes, kids shoes, women's shoes, beach sandals or mountain boots, you're bound to find the right model for you. As with accessories and clothing, shoes are available in multiple sizes, colors and materials.

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